About Us

Crawthorne Social Media Development LLC involves classifying and analyzing data which is retrieved from social media applications. Once this data is collected, it gets segregated into specific categories. We aim to create a marketing management strategy for our clients and provide them with more effective, efficient, and secure data. We inspect, clean, and transform your data to identify useful information. Our classification system and data analyses will simplify the search, recovery, and understanding of your collected information. Our purpose is for our clients to design and utilize an insightful marketing campaign and develop a solid public presence through social media applications & tools to collect valuable data that will help in making better data-driven decisions.

Our Story

Our extended experience in the technology and marketing management field taught us that there was a lot more information hidden in the data. So, we thought it was time to create a company that will generate, categorize and analyze data to help entrepreneurs make better corporate decisions. Our purpose is to provide guidance for you on making relevant, good, safe and timely decisions based on the data analyses that we create from our state-of-the-art social media applications and tools.

We are dedicated and passionate about our work. Our mission is to deliver useful insights by applying advanced analytics and converting big data.