Our full range of services includes:

Social Media Applications Development & Management
Crawthorne LLC offers a holistic consultancy approach to social media applications, helping clients:○ Social media marketing
○ Create strategic plans
○ Process data analysis reports
○ Identify the latest social media trends

Marketing Management
Our goal is to help our clients:
○ Focus on their core business
○ Maintain compliance
○ Increase their business growth
○ Capitalize on their resources while saving time and money

The firm develops marketing and portfolio strategies, enabling clients to promote their businesses to
a specific target audience and reduce risks by identifying, evaluating, and managing threats and
opportunities effectively. Therefore, the company conducts extensive researches to help its clients develop
successful branding strategies. The benchmark reports created essentially determine the purpose and
future goals of businesses while comparing them to their competitors.

Data Classification & Analysis
Crawthorne LLC establishes advanced data methods, providing knowledge on predictive modeling, data
targeting & segmentation, as well as cluster analyses. It assesses valuable input to give clients a visual
representation of their information, enabling them to identify market trends.
Overall, we ensure our clients have secure and accurate data regarding:
o Acquisitions
o Validations
o Storage
o Protection
o Processing